best of
03.27.04 - 2:58 pm

It's not so much that I don't want to write in this thing anymore, although it sometimes causes unintentional problems in my real life, the reason I'm not updating is because life is stuck in transition.

I'm busy. I'm harried. I'm trying to create a game plan that will get me from one place to another, literally.

I'm working on so many projects, I'm being pulled in so many directions, and I lack consistent internet as a matter of life's consequences, this journal is a casualty for now.

Life takes prescient over it's recording. So, in the interim, I've collected a list of my own personal favorite entries/moments. Take a gander if you like...

john m.'s birthday party
a drunken weekend
i was Tony the Tiger
lightening and fugazi
celebrity sightings
...and worse
black Tuesday
a cinder
isle of white
things change
second-hand cell dangers
musings on belief
decrepit has a face
she's writing a letter
kissing the apex
put up/shut up
4: kaboom
5: downward spirals

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